Search Engine Optimization 

With some quick research, we can tell exactly what you need in order to get you to that top spot on Google. We possess the tools and expertise needed to not only assess what needs to be done, but also see it through so that you get the most business you can possibly get. Here are a few common problems we see and how we fix them:

1. Authoritative Content  

To beat your competition, you need more content than them with the right amount of keywords. If they have a 500 word home page, you need 1000. And this can't just be any content - it's gotta be authoritative content relevant and accurate to your niche. Ever wonder why Wikipedia always shows up at the top of Google when you search something? It's because they have the most authoritative content! We are experts on writing effective content that bodes well with search engines. 

2. Powerful Backlinks 

When you've got no good backlinks to vouch for your website, Google won't seem to care about it. It's only when you acquire do-follow backlinks from other trusted websites that you start to move up in rankings. LSA Marketing has an array of backlinking strategies we use to help propel your website to the front. It's worth noting that there is also such as thing as bad backlinks that affect your rankings in a negative way. We see this sometimes and have the tools and skills to get rid of those awful links. 

3. GMB (Google My Business)

GMB, standing for Google My Business, easily gets the most clicks. Businesses who are featured in the top three GMB listings in their niche, called the map pack, receive the most business. Getting your business into GMB is easy, but doing only that won't get you to the top. It's the number of different GMB optimization strategies we use that will guarantee a spike in phone calls to your company. To the left is a typical example of a GMB map pack, which we optimize for your business to get you to the top. 

4. Number of Citations

Citations are a huge influence on your Google My Business listing position. You can get citations from any old no-name directory, but inputing your company information into well-known sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Foursquare will play an immense role in that ideal GMB listing. We know all the right spots to get your company featured. In order to surpass the competition, you'll need much more citations than them.